Composition : A Foreign Country You Visited

A Foreign Country You Visited

During the brief span of my life, I have not been to many lands. Outside my country, I only visited Nepal, the daughter of Himalayas. I went there with my father on a holiday tour. On receipt (রিসিপ্ট - প্রাপ্তি) of junior scholarship in the talent pool, my father asked me about any wish or plan. I told him about my desire of visiting a foreign land which he readily (রিডিলি - সানন্দে) accepted. My choice for Nepal was also granted with thanks. Nepal is a mountainous (মাউনটেইনয়াস - পাহাড়ি) country in the lap of the Himalayas. I developed a sort of fascination (ফ্যাসিনেশন - মুগ্ধতা) for visiting the land after my reading about the country.

The schedule was fixed for the summer vacation. We arranged for tourist visa and prepared other documents through my elder brother. On the flight date, we went to Hazrat Shahjalal (R) International Airport and reached Kathmandu after flying for nearly an hour in the sky. On our way to Kathmandu, we could see some peaks (পিকস - চূড়া) of the Himalayas covered with clouds and white snow. As the aircraft landed on Kathmandu, we got down from it. It was a wonderful airport surrounded (সারাউন্ডেড - ঘেরা) by natural beauty. On a rented car, we immediately rushed to the suburb (সাবারব - শহরতলী) and got in a three-star hotel. In the afternoon, we went out to see the city. Thamel, the famous tourist area was awfully (ওফুলি - অত্যাধিক) crowded with tourists. Each and every shop was laden with tourist nick-nacks The following morning, we went to Pokhara valley (ভ্যালি - উপত্যকা). It is justly famous for its lakeside location and its proximity (প্রক্রিমিটি - নিকটবর্তী) to the mountains. Viewed from Pokhara, the Himalayas is a mountain range, looming over the horizon much closer. We also went to other tourist spots in Nepal After 5 days, we returned home by a return flight of Bangladesh Biman. My visit to Nepal was a very rewarding experience for me. I learnt a lot about Nepal. My previous learning got a solid foundation (ফাউন্ডেশন - ভিত্তি) after a practical tour to the land. It will remain ever-green in my memory.
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