Composition : A Day in the Village

A Day in the Village

I live in Dhaka. I was born and brought up here. But my maternal uncle lives in the country. His house is in a village, far from the town. The village is on the other side of the Buriganga. Once I went to that village for a day. I went there by boat. I got out of the boat and walked up the path. I reached the village at about 4 pm.

I saw some green fields. Cows were grazing there. Goats were bleating and running in herds. Cowboys were playing in the field. What a quiet place It was! It was beautiful too. Weary travellers were down under the cool shade of the trees. There were many fruit trees in the village. Of them, banana and mango attracted me much. The mango tastes sweet. Lichis and coconuts were also available.

There were many lovely birds in the village. The kingfisher, the moyana, the crow, the wood-pecker, the sparrow were the names of the birds. I knew them. There were also some birds also not known to me. There are fish in the pond. I went to fishing once. I caught fishes of various kinds. They looked nice.

In the evening, the children and younger people played in the open field while their fathers and grandfathers looked on them with admiration. Then at the close of day they sat and talked and told stories, and after a having frugal me they went to bed early.

The village life is almost an ideal life for many. It calls the dreamy poet to write something. It serves the thoughtful mood of the philosopher. The nature is lovely there. The loveliness of nature is a poem in itself that one may read without tiring. I had the opportunity to spend a day in such an environment. Never will I forget this sweet experience.
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