Composition : Life in the Villages without any Modern Facility

Life in the Villages without any Modern Facility

A village life is very charming and pleasant. It should be adorned with facilities. If modern amenities are added to villages they will turn into better places to live; the harmonious development of the country will occur.

Some people live in villages and others live in cities. Village life is quite natural and the people in our villages live a very simple life. Their life is very easygoing. They get up in the morning hearing the melodious songs of birds. On the other hand, city life is mechanical. People living in cities have no touch with nature. They get up in the morning hearing the sounds of motor vehicles, machines and factories.

Cities have flourished but the importance of country life has not decreased. In this modern competitive world, needs for city life have increased, as most of the modern facilities are still confined to the cities. The development of the society depends both on the development of the cities and villages. If the cities produce something, the villages supply them with the raw materials.

In the cities, life is very busy and competitive and people live in polluted environments. On the other hand, in the villages, environment is very fresh and hygienic. Modern facilities are available in the cities, whereas most of the villagers are deprived of modern facilities. So, for good medical facilities and higher degrees, people are to go to the cities. In the cities, people lead a very artificial life in the big buildings. But in the villages, one can lead a simple life in the lap of nature though nowadays village politics has become very alarming.

Despite some merits and demerits, both the lives have their respective charms, and their charms depend on individual interests. A balanced development can remove the gap between two types of life largely.
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