Paragraph : Corruption is a Curse

Corruption is a Curse

Corruption is one of the social crimes that is considered to be an obstacle to progress. Hence, it is considered as a curse for a nation. Corruption means dishonest, illegal or immoral behaviour especially from someone who is in power. Corruption may originate from unsolved problems, unfinished works, vicious politics, weak administration and many other related or relevant things. The police department, education department, health department etc. are the most corrupt sectors. Even the judicial department of the country which is an independent body is not free from corruption. The foreigners are always against the corruption of the country. It affects our people very much. The ultimate sufferings for corruption go to the common people who are born to suffer and to be deprived of their legal rights, dues and so on. On the other hand, no corrupt person is hanged so far. The law machine is too slow to grind and punish corrupt persons. To uproot this condition, we have to spread the light of true education.
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