Essay : Farmers of Bangladesh

Farmers of Bangladesh

↬ Life of a Peasant in Bangladesh

↬ Peasants in Bangladesh

Introduction : Bangladesh is mainly an agricultural country. Agriculture is the base of its economy. The man who cultivates land is called a farmer. Farmers grow crops which is the most important thing of our basic needs. They are the backbone of our country.

Characteristics of farmers : There are three classes of farmers in our country. The rich farmers, the middle class with a small piece of land. Farmers of this class usually till the land with their own bullocks and they hardly can grow much food as per their demand. The rich farmers are very few in numbers and they get enough from their landed properties for the ordinary necessities of life. The landless farmers till the land of other and get a small share of crops with the landowners.

Methods of farming : The methods of farming in our country is very backdated. Majority of the farmers are poor and illiterate. They cannot afford to buy modern tools of cultivation. They plough their land with bullocks and sickle to cut the grains. They also do not know how to cultivate land in the scientific method. This result unsatisfactory yield from the cultivated land.

The condition of the farmers : The living standard of the farmers in our country is very low and they are to suffer even from the lack of fundamental needs of life. They are ill-fed, ill-treated and deprived of the light of modern science. They work hard but do not get proper nutriment. As a result, they suffer from various diseases. Their children do not receive a good education and follow the path of their forefathers.

Steps to be taken : Some effective steps should be taken to improve the socio-economic conditions of our farmers. They should be taught the modern scientific method of cultivation. They should be given hybrid seeds, right kind of pesticides and a balanced dose of fertilizers so that they may grow more food. Justified price of agricultural production should be ensured so that farmers may get the right price. Irrigation facilities should be ensured and the farmer should get loan on low interest.

Conclusion : The development of our country is mainly dependent on the improvement of our agriculture. We should not neglect our farmers and all possible steps should be taken to improve their condition.

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Agriculture is the oldest form of profession. So, peasants are the first to take a profession. Once the condition of our peasants was very good. They lived the happiest life. They had no want. But now their condition is miserable. They cannot manage two square meals. 

A peasant lives by farming. So, he is called a farmer. He works hard day and night and grows food and other crops. He is the bockbone of our nation. He grows food for his family. He also grows food for the nation. It is the peasant who saves the life of the nation. The reality of life of a peasant is that he has to burn in the sun and to bathe in the rain. 

A peasant is a simple man. He has no high aspiration or ambition. He is satisfied if he is able to draw his harvest in his barn. He likes to have a simple dish, not a rich one. He wants the natural calamity away from his crops. This is his only prayer of God. He also wants the actual price of his crops. 

Today the condition of our peasants is really miserable. His minimum demand is not fulfilled. He is somehow dragging his existence. Now his life has become a vast sorrowful desert. Because crops are often damaged by floods, droughts and heavy rainfalls. 

The sincerity of Government in agriculture rehabilitation is very little. It is needed to remove the present condition of the peasant. With this view, scientific methods of cultivation should be introduced immediately. The Government should come forward to solve this acute problem. 


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