Paragraph : Diana’s Death

Diana’s Death

The Queen of hearts Princess Diana Died by a car-crash at Paris in France on the last day of August when she was hoping to return back to England and be united with her two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. The whole world was shocked by her sudden demise. Most probably it is the most tragic event of 1997, maybe of the ages. Diana had a magnetic personality and with this compassionate personality and loving heart, she made a lot of friends at home and abroad. She will be sorrily missed by all of them. Her every action, every move was carefully followed by the people around the globe and through this, she drew the most attention than any other royal could hardly get. She became Princess from the very day of her marriage with Prince Charles of U. K. Though the fairy tale wedding didn't last long and they became separated in 1996, the lady with a blessed beauty and God gifted kind heart captured the heart of the people till her death. Like a comet, she disappeared without prior notice and this is extremely hard to except. At the time when she was radiating with hope, God takes her away. But in her extremely short life, she tried to make the lives of the masses better. She tried to bring the issue of landmines to the world community and gained a lot of admiration. Diana was no more but still, She will be remembered by the people in the world for her warm heart, kind behaviour and love for those in need. She was truly the ‘Princes of People’. May her soul rest in peace in eternity. May God give them strength to her two sons to bear the loss.
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