Paragraph : Milk


Milk is a liquid substance. It is white in colour. It is also found in powder form, but this powder milk becomes liquid when it is mixed with water. It is called an ideal food for all the people of all ages. Because it contains all kinds of food elements in a standard proportion required for our health. It gives us protein, calcium, multivitamins, fat, mineral salts etc. except vitamin C. Sweet meets, Ghee, Cakes, Butter, Curd, Payesh, Pudding, Icecream etc. are made of it. Milk is very important to babies. It is the only food of a baby until its five mothers of age. A baby can’t grow either physically or mentally without it. Mother’s milk best for a baby. We can get milk from different animals, cow is the prime source of our milk. We should take proper care of cows to milk fresh and available at low cost.
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