Paragraph : The Dog

The Dog

The dog is a four-footed domestic faithful animal. It is a common pet animal to men. It lives in our houses. The dog has two ears, two eyes, and a long head. It has also a long and coiling hairy tail. Its body is covered with short fur. Its whole body is strong. Its eyes are very keen and bright. Its paws have sharp claws. Its teeth and nails are too sharp. The dog is fond of flesh more than any other food. It also eats rice, fish, milk, bread and other food. The dog is very faithful to its master. A pet dog is a good companion. It can easily recognize a foe. It barks when it sees an unknown person or a thief. It sleeps by day and watches over its master’s house at night. It has a strong sense of smell. A mad dog is dangerous and ferocious. Its bite is fatal. The dog is very useful to us. It guards and trained dog is used many purposes. It also used in hunting. It drives away the thieves from its master’s houses and keeps it safe from any harm. The dog is faithful loyal and dutiful to us. So we should be kind and take care of it.
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