Composition : Tree Plantation

Tree Plantation

↬ Why you think more trees should be planted

↬ The importance of tree plantation in Bangladesh

↬ Importance of trees in our daily life

Introduction : Without oxygen, we cannot even live for a moment. Without oxygen, the animal world will die away. Trees make the oxygen and spread it in the air. While inhaling air, we take the oxygen with it into our bodies and live in life.
Carbon dioxide makes our atmosphere or rather our environment poisonous for us. Trees consume this carbon dioxide and thereby make our environment safe for us.

Selection of trees for plantation : We should make good selection of trees to be planted, in consideration of the nature of land and the kind of climate. Coconut trees grow well in the seacoast. Plantain trees grow well near the ponds. We should take which place is fit for which tree. To know this, we should get our soil tested by the experts and plant the kinds of trees accordingly. Collection of plants to be planted should be made from the government nurseries.

Time for Tree Plantation : Generally, rainy season is the best time for free plantation. Most of the tree-plants thrive well in rainy season. Still then, we should seek advice from the government agricultural experts about the appropriate time for the plantation of a particular kind of tree.

After-Care : Only planting the trees is not enough. Because, planted trees may be destroyed by animals or otherwise, or may die for regular service of water. So, we should be particular about the after-care of the planted trees. We should be very careful about the newly-planted trees.

Benefits : Trees give us oxygen and take carbon dioxide from the air and make us alive. Trees also give us many other benefits. We get fruits and flowers from the trees. Trees provide us with fuel and timbers. In Summer, they bear the scorching rays of the sun and give us cool shade under them. Trees in our forests draw the rain from the clouds floating in the sky. Trees in our forests check the quick flow of rain-water and thereby check the occurrence of high flood in our rivers. On the other hand, this slow process of water-flow gives us good water all throughout the year through streams and brooks with their sweet melodious music.
Trees protect our soil. This soil-conservation is very important for our cornfields. Trees make our land fertile by their fallen leaves. By their fallen leaves they make new soil for us. Most of the forest products are the products from the trees in the forests, absence of trees will cause a lot of harm to us and to our life. So, the number of trees should be multiplied by the tree-plantation by us.

Conclusion : Trees should be regularly planted to save mankind and the animal world. Tree plantation and its aftercare is a pleasing work too. We can get much pleasure in planting trees and in taking care of them. Students should plant trees in their school-compounds and in the front-yards, backyards, and side-yards of their schools and near their own houses and in other places wherever possible. They should explain to their neighbors the goodness of tree-plantation and encourage them to plant and care new trees.

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There are gifts of nature. There are useful in many ways. We cannot do without trees.

Trees are used as fuel. Timbers are used to make houses, furniture, boats, bridges etc. Papers are also made from trees.

We get food and vitamins from trees. We get medicine, oxygen from trees. They give us shade and shelter. They help rainfall and make the soil fertile. They keep nature cool. Trees protect the land from erosion.

In such a situation continues our country will turn into a desert soon. There will be want of food, medicine, and useful articles. People will suffer very much.

In order to get rid of such a situation, we should start tree plantation. Trees should be planted by every family. Trees should be planted on the banks of ponds, on both sides of highways, on the banks of dams, by the side of rail lines, on any fallow land near the houses. They should be taken care of by giving fences, using manure and by watering them when necessary. June and July are the proper time for tree plantation. Our Government’ have started observing. Tree Plantation week’ for the past few years. All of us should cooperate with the Government and help successful implementation of the week.

For the welfare of the country and its people, the Government, as well as every member of the community should work together in planting trees to make the country self-sufficient in fruits and wood.

Same composition collected from another book

In environment, tree is one of the most important elements. There is the necessity of the trees in our everyday life in many ways. Without trees, man cannot live long on the earth. The fruits provide different kinds of vitamin to build our body which comes from trees. We get our necessary timber and firewood from trees and forests. On the other hand, the trees contribute a lions share to keep our environment balanced. 

For many reasons, the trees are being destroyed, but no one cares to plant a new tree. And, thus, we are inviting the polluted environment. And this pollution causes great harm to the human life for both the born and the unborn. By destroying the trees, we are losing balanced environment as well as our daily requirements provided by trees. 

Trees provide us with oxygen, and we cannot live even a moment without oxygen. Trees are our best friends. They are a great source of food and vitamins. As a result, people can keep their body fit and sound by taking fruits. Again, we export fruits to many other countries and earn a lot of foreign exchange. 

Trees are our constant companies in our day to day life. We use them for various purposes. We cannot think of our homes, houses, residences, etc. without trees. 

Trees bear a great impact on the climate. If we destroy trees at random, one day the country will turn into a great desert. Again, there will be no rain and as a result, the country will face a great crises because ours is an agricultural country and our economy is dependent on agriculture. On the other hand, our agriculture is dependent on rain. So, trees play a vital role on our climate. Trees keep the soil strong. Trees save us from flood and many other natural calamities. 

So, it is true that without trees, we are unable to restore our environment and save our beautiful soil. However, to have the ecological balance, we have to plant trees in every bare space of land. The sea beaches, the low-lying areas, the road sides should be brought under afforestation. So, it is to be mentioned that tree plantation can have the central role to develop our environment as well as our economy.

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