Composition : Deforestation


↬ Deforestation and its adverse consequences

↬ Deforestation and its effect on the environment

Deforestation means cutting down or destroying trees at random. It is one of the greatest threats to our environment. It has many far-reaching effects on the environment. Many cut down trees indiscriminately but they hardly about the serious effects it causes.

There is no denying the fact that trees are very useful to us in many ways. They are the storehouse of oxygen, our life-bearing gas. They also provide us with food, wood and other products. They also give us shade and help us to prevent drought and floods. But to draw quick profit from trees people of our country cut them down on a large scale and invite various types of natural disasters.

Deforestation badly disturbs our ecological balance and leads to soil erosion. Deforestation deprives us of fruits and timber and causes a great economic loss. If there are no trees, there will hardly be found a little rainfall. Again there will be a great change in the atmosphere. As a result, our land will turn into desert. Trees take carbon dioxide and supply us with oxygen which is the first thing to keep ourselves alive. So, if there is no tree, there will be no oxygen that means the world will be lifeless.

Trees are the main source of green beauty. Deforestation reduces this beauty and makes the world a barren land. In a word, deforestation destroys the ecosystem of the environment and makes the world inhabitable for all living beings.

Deforestation, no doubt, has not a single advantage but numerous disadvantages to our environment. The after-effects of deforestation are catastrophic in quality and many in number. So, we all should be conscious of the harmful effect of cutting trees and try our best to stop it. Thus, we can keep our environment habitable and danger free.

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