Composition : The National Animal of Bangladesh : Royal Bengal Tiger

Royal Bengal Tiger - The National Animal of Bangladesh

The tiger is a four-footed ferocious wild animal. It has a majestic appearance and manners. It looks like a cat. So it is called the niece of the cat.

It is found in the forest. It has no horn. It has sharp teeth and claws. Its jaws and paws are extremely strong.

There are various kinds of tigers. The Chita, Leopard, the Wolf, and the Royal Bengal Tiger belong to the family of tigers. The Royal Bengal Tiger is our national animal.

It is generally of yellow colour with black stripes on its body. There are also white tigers. His eyes are bright and he has sharp claws in the paws of his four feet. He has very sharp teeth. He is from six to eight feet long and four feet high. His body is longer than that of the Lions.

The tiger is very ferocious. They are bloodthirsty. During the daytime, they sleep in the bushy thickets of the forest. And at night they get out in search of prey.

It is very cruel. It kills animals, even when it is not hungry. They lie in wait for prey near the pools of rivers. When small animals came to drink, they fall on them. Tigers are stronger than any other animals.

The tiger is a carnivorous animal. Blood is the dearest food of the tiger. They also like flesh very much.

It can run fast and swim at ease. Its eye-sight is powerful, and it has a piercing look.

Tigresses give birth to three or four cubs at a time and they are fond of the cab.

The tiger is not of great use to us. Its skin is used by the devotees. We see the tiger showing tricks in the circus. The tiger adds to the beauty of the forest.

Tiger-hunting is banned in Bangladesh. Tigers are chiefly found in Bangladesh, India, and African jungles. The 'Royal Bengal Tiger' of Sundarbans in Bengal is the most beautiful of all other species of tiger in the world.

Tiger is our national animal. It is the strongest wild animal. So, the shadow of the tiger head is beautified on the taka and on the body of the shoulder of the army of Bangladesh.

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