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Introduction : Discipline is a familiar word with a comprehensive meaning. Which usually means a training of mind and character aimed at producing certain well-defined rules of conduct as self-control, obedience etc. It means doing one’s duty in proper time and in the proper manner.

Description : Discipline is very important in all sphere of single as well as collective life. From Heaven above to the earth below discipline reigns supreme. The earth, the moon, the planets move around the sun not by fits and starts but according to certain specific rules. Even animals are disciplined under their leader. Coming down to man, the various organs of his body co-operate with one another and are disciplined for various functions of the body. To prove the title civilized, men have to obey the rules of the head of the family as well as society. Where in a family or in an office, in a school an undisciplined life worsens the whole atmosphere. In the military department, discipline is most strictly observed. In the playgrounds, the players have to obey the rules of their captain or the umpire. A country without discipline is plunged into anarchy which ultimately causes harms to its independence.

Necessity and utility : Discipline is necessary in every place and every sphere of life. It is essential in schools, colleges, homes, offices. A teacher cannot teach an undisciplined student who creates disturbance in the class. He must obey the teacher. If he follows a disciplined code of conduct, he is sure to succeed. It checks a person to go a stay. It is necessary for the military as well as civil life. So, life and the country which want to be developed must be disciplined.

Discipline and freedom : Discipline is not slavery, also freedom or individual liberty is not the power to do anything. Discipline does not mean iron rules. It means willing contained with a code of conduct. Prescribed by the superior wisdom for our own good. It does not deny the individual liberty but supports it as doing good and learning odds of one’s own understanding and willing. This fundamental principle is necessary for the development of every organization which stands for the development of the individuals in the society.

Conclusion : Discipline is a precious treasure. It is a note to check the erring. It does not kill individual liberty but it sees that liberty does not degenerate into license. But as the discipline is not inborn virtue, it should be exercised from the childhood of everyone.

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Discipline prevails everywhere in nature. There is a rule of law in nature. The earth moves around the sun, the moon moves around the earth, seasons come after the season. There is a uniformity everywhere in nature. So, there is no social being. He cannot live alone. He lives in society with others. He maintains some rules in his life in a society. These rules can be called ‘discipline’ in a word.

The importance of discipline is very great. It helps man to live in society with peace and prosperity. It is also the basis of all the virtues. No nation can reach the pinnacle (শীর্ষে) of success if it has no discipline.

Discipline is necessary is student life. It is the best time for them to build up their habit of discipline. Those students who learn discipline from the beginning never face any trouble in future.

Discipline is very necessary for every step of life. It is strictly maintained in the army. In a playground, we see the performance of discipline. Even in a family, everything is maintained in a disciplined way. A disciplined family helps society to build a happy one.

Discipline brings success for one who is obedient to it. The great men of the world followed discipline in their life. That’s way, they encouraged the people to be disciplined.

Discipline is development. Absence of discipline is downfall. No development of a society is possible without discipline. A life without discipline is like a ship without a rudder. So, we should be careful about discipline. In absence of discipline, ample works also go in vain.

So in doing any work, we must maintain discipline to get a successful result. If there were indiscipline in nature, our life would become impossible. Therefore to keep the balance in anything, discipline has no substitute.

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