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Imagine that you are Sabuj and one of your friend Minu live in Sydney, Australia. Recently, you visited a place of natural beauty or tourist spot. Now, send an email to your friend Minu describing various aspects of the place. 

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Bcc : < sabuj @ >
Subject : Describing various aspects including natural beauties of visiting Kuakata.

Dear Minu,
I have just received your email. In your email, you wanted to know my experience of visiting Kuakata. Here it is – You know we went to Kuakata on the 5th instant. We had heard much about the place from others but had not the opportunity to go there until that day. We all shared total expenditure equally among us. We reached there by evening and spent the night in the local rest house. We rose very early in the morning and went to the beach. Our plan was to see the sun in its rising. It gradually made its appearance as it was coming out of the sea. It was a very fascinating scene. We all passed the day on the beach enjoying the changing scenes from time to time. We also had a sea-bath there. In the evening, the sun assumed a new look. At sunset, it seemed to play hide and seek on the surface of the sea. The seawater was looking red, burning red. 

I wish you stood by me. I can’t just describe my feelings. Kuakata is really a wonderful seabeach. I suggest you had better visit the place. 

No more today. With best wishes, 

Your loving friend

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