Email about advising for adjusting new place and food

Imagine that one of your school friends is in England for six months. He/She is having some troubles with the new place and the new food. Send an email advising him/her on how to adjust the new place and the new food. 

To : < sima @ >
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Bcc : < sultana @ >
Subject : Advice on how to adjust to the new place and food.

Dear Sima,
I received your email yesterday. I feel really worried to know that you are having some troubles with your adjustment there in England. I am just writing to you a few words about them in this email. 

You know England has its own culture, tastes, values, etc. It is quite natural that their food habits are different from us. When you will be used to such habits, you will find things easy and enjoyable. So far I know the foods, the English people take are rich in food value. 

Then I feel unhappy that you are having troubles with the new place. When you go to a new place, you must adjust to the new society, culture, weather, etc. there. You know you are there to study and to fulfil your goal. You can’t mix with people unfamiliar with you. Still, I know the English people are very friendly and co-operative. If you ask one’s counsels in any difficulty, he or she might help you. 

For your healthy stay and study, you had better keep friendship with some native learners. 

I hope you will overcome these silly problems soon. Don’t forget the saying – ‘Time is the best healer’. No more today. 

With best wishes,

Roksana Sultana
Tell : 088-01000-000000
Email : < sultana @ >
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