Email for requesting for sending money

Imagine, you are promoted to a new class and you need money. Now, send an email to your father/mother requesting him/her to send you some money for buying new books and clothes. 

To : < ayaz @ >
Cc : .............................................
Bcc : < faisal @ >
Subject : Request for sending money.

Dear Father/Mother,

At first take my salam. I hope you all are quite well by the grace of Almighty Allah. The results of my first your examination has just been out. You will be very glad to know that I have stood first obtaining 86% marks on an average. Herewith I am sending you my progressive report. 

Our next classes will begin soon. Now, I shall have to buy new books and warm clothes. So, I am in need of taka 10,000/- in all. Please send me the said amount in my DBBL account as soon as possible. 

I am well. My best regards to grandfather and love to sister. 

Yours affectionate son,

Tell : 088-01000-000000
Email : < faisal @ >
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