Dialogue about feelings after watching TV Drama

Imagine, you are Sajal. The other day you enjoyed Shakespeare's tragic drama 'King Lear' on TV. Your friend Alam also watched the drama with you at your house.

Make a dialogue between you and your friend Alam about your feelings after watching the TV drama 'King Lear'.

Sajal : Well Alam, the other day you left our house just after the drama had been telecast. I couldn’t exchange my feeling with you about the drama.

Alam : You mean the drama of ‘King Lear’ on the TV?

Sajal : Exactly. How did you feel about it?

Alam : My feeling was too deep for tears. My words are not enough to give vent to my feeling about King Lear. How pathetic! The unfortunate King was inhumanly treated by his two daughters.

Sajal : There you are Alam. The unfortunate old man went off his head under the weary weight of sufferings and came to his tragic end. This is heart-rending.

Alam : With all his sagacity the King failed to detect the insincerity of his two daughters and that’s the cause of his tragic end.

Sajal : That’s right. But can you imagine how the two daughters who got the share of their father’s kingdom could behave with him in such an inhuman way?

Alam : Let there be no such daughters under the sun.

Sajal : Let no father commit such suicidal mistakes, either.

Alam : Listen Sajal, there goes the bell.

Sajal : Yes, let’s go to class now.
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