Application for Spoken English Learning Programme

Suppose you are the students of class IX at B.G. Press High School. You have got a new textbook this year. Being inspired by the salient features of the book you feel the necessity of a Spoken English Programme. Write an application to the Headmaster for taking necessary steps for this purpose.

15 January, 2020

The Headmaster
B.G. Press High School
Tejgaon I/A,

Subject : Prayer for starting a Spoken English Learning Programme.

We, the students of class IX have the honour to invite your kind attention to the fact that this year we have got a new book which is designed in such a way that students can acquire the four basic skills of learning language. All the topics have been selected and organised for a good variety of activities. Though we do the activities in the classroom we feel the necessity of developing the speaking and listening skill more efficiently. I this connection we beg to remind you that two of our English teachers are trained in communicative language teaching under ELTIP. If you engage them for this purpose, the programme will run successfully.

May we, therefore, hope and pray that you would be kind enough to take necessary steps for this purpose.

We remain

Your most obedient students of

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