Application for adult education

Many illiterate people live around your school. Their way of living affects the students in your school. So you want to educate them. Now write an application to your headmaster for setting up a night school.

15th January, 2020

The Headmaster
X High School.

Subject : Prayer for setting up a night school for adult education.

With due respect and humble submission, we, the students of your school, beg to lay before you the following facts for your kind consideration and favourable treatment. 

We are sorry to say that most of the people around our school are illiterate. They are living amidst the darkness of ignorance. They don’t know what is right and what is wrong. They fall victim to various diseases and lead a miserable life. For lack of knowledge, they are involved in different anti-social activities. This surrounding atmosphere of our school affects our students. So we like to bring them into a touch of education. As most of the adult people are labourers, we kindly request you to set up a night school in our school. Some bright students of class X agreed to educate them, if necessary. 

We, therefore, pray and hope that you would be kind enough to set up a nigh school for adult education and oblige thereby. 

We remain,

Yours most obediently
the students of your school.
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