Paragraph : Failure of The Students in English

Failure of The Students in English

Failure in English is a common matter in our country. There are many reasons for failure of the students in English and the reasons are not far to seek. Firstly our education system is defective. The English textbooks for the students in our country are not suitable for them. Secondly, the students are not motivated to learn English. They think that it is unnecessary to spend time in learning English. Moreover, it is a foreign language. It seems difficult for them. So they do not like to learn English. Thirdly most of the so-called English teachers are not good at English. They are not competent and trained. They cannot teach the students in scientific way. Fourthly students only cram the answers. In the examination hall, they forget what they have crammed. So the answers they write are incorrect. These are the reasons for which the students of our country fail in English.

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Students’ large scale failure in English is a serious problem in Bangladesh. We learn English as a foreign language. It has been taught as a compulsory subject in our education system. But it is a matter of regret that the students’ failure in English is so alarming and great in number that the whole nation is frightened for the future of the country. The causes of the students’ failure in English are many. The method of English teaching is quite unsound. In the primary level students do not get to learn English well. Most teachers are not efficient in teaching English. Thus from the primary level students get no interest in learning English and it continues at higher levels also. Speaking English is the pre-condition of learning English well. Our students have no chance to speak English. Defective syllabus, want of teachers, lack of language usage, scarcity of books- all these are the causes of the students’ failure in English. The government should take necessary steps to remove all these undesired conditions that impede the effective learning of English.


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