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Paragraph : Internet


This is the age of internet. It is an international computer network through which computer users all over the world can communicate. The role played by internet in the development of modern civilization has no parallel. The use of internet was first introduced in the U. S. A. for the uplift of the strategic policy. They did it to tackle their rival. Then it was confined to strategic policy. Afterwards, it has been given the privilege to cover the whole world. Since then the people of the world have been starting to get its benefit rightly. There are two types of internet which are: on line internet and offline internet. Internet is the computerized process with telephone set through which the client can easily get what she wants. Everything is available on the internet. One can get the news of latest fashion, amusement, advertisement through internet. The condition of internet in Bangladesh is not satisfactory because of dearth of knowledge in line. We should take steps to beautify the condition of internet in Bangladesh.

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