Paragraph : Digital Bangladesh

Digital Bangladesh

Digital Bangladesh’ is a new but ambitious concept in the country. The present government under the bold leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has taken the landmark step to bring a radical change in the lives of millions of people by 2021 by using sophisticated science and technology in every field. Awami League in its election manifesto mentioned that it is determined to fully implement the concept titled ‘Vision2021’. Digitalization is the process of implementing various initiatives, including e-governance, e-commerce, 100 percent literacy rate, sanitation, low mortality rate, high life expectancy, employment generation, and making people skilled human resources through orientation of the use of computer as well as Internet. Digital Bangladesh is a dream vision of bringing digital change in every sector. It is a process of digitalizing everything in our national life. Our lifestyle, daily activities, business transaction, communications, entertainment, studies, consultation, etc would be made online. It is a process of sensitizing the common people to the widespread use of internet in their daily life to gear up the wheels of our overall socio-economic life. Economically rich and industrially developed countries are fully dependent on digitalization process. They have made everything online. They have reduced suing papers, rather are accustomed to using emails and facsimiles to accomplish their activities. Educated people have to play a vital role in discharging their duties and responsibilities. They have to work together with the government to reach its goal of building a digital Bangladesh. I Bangladesh, digitalization, if the process is successfully implemented, would bring a horizon of ray and hope for millions of people through their active participation in various developmental activities. We would be able to fight poverty. Above all, we need to change our mindset to make it happen.


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