Paragraph : Discipline


Discipline means obedience to rules and orders of superiors. It is valuable in all walks of life. No society, organization or institution, or even a family can exist without discipline. Lack of discipline brings about disorder, chaos or confusion. It is the very foundation of civilized life. If we look to a family we shall find that if every member goes his or her own way that family also will go to pieces in time. This is true for all institutions, society and organizations. A school cannot be run if the teachers do not obey the orders of the Headmaster and the students do not carry out the orders of the teachers. If the citizens of a state do not respect and obey the laws of the land, the state will fall apart. Discipline is the most important quality of a soldier. Indiscipline in the army means defeat. In the playground, the players must obey the rules of the game and must respect the orders of the captain and the referee. Without discipline, no team however strong can win a game. It is the most powerful weapon with which we fight the enemy. When we are grown up and are employed in offices or in any walk of line there is all the more need for discipline. We must obey the order of the office master. We must be punctual in attendance, we must respect the rules of the office and do the work given to us. The most civilized and prosperous nations are the most disciplined people in the world. The European nations, the Americans, the Japanese, the Russians and many other nations are the best examples before us.
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