Paragraph : How to Do Well in The Examination

How to Do Well in The Examination

Every student wants to do better in the exam. But it is not easy work. A student is to do something to do better in the exam. To do so first he has to study regularly. From the very beginning, he should be very serious and sincere to his studies. Regular work right from the beginning will make him through. Then he should not neglect his studies. Then he should not memorize the answers without understanding. Nest he should not learn answers by rote taking them from a common source. After that, he should try to understand what he reads, make his own notes and revise them frequently. Finally, he should have fairly good command of the language. Sometimes he may find unexpected questions. He is to answer them offhand. But it is difficult to write good answers without preparation if his language is poor. By doing all these things a student can do well in the exam.
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