Application for internet facilities

Imagine that you are the secretary of student affairs of your college. Now, write an application for the students to your Principal asking for arranging internet facilities in your college.


The Principal
Holy Cross School & College,
Tejgaon, Dhaka.

Subject : Prayer for arranging internet facilities at our college.

Dear Madam,
With due honour, we would like to draw your kind attention to the fact that our college does not provide the internet facilities to the students. We have a Computer Lab at our college. Still, we can’t communicate through the internet as these computers are not connected through the internet. As internet is the latest means of international communication, we should utilize this opportunity to copy with the advanced world.

I, therefore, request you to arrange for internet facilities in our college. Your kind efforts would be appreciated and be considered as a milestone in the advancement of the college.

Your most obedient pupil,

Mithila Farzana
Secretary, Student Affairs.

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