Paragraph : The 21st Century

The 21st Century

Time waits for none. It passes on silently. We have entered in the 21st century. With the passage of civilization, we are enriched with the gifts of science and technology. Our history is full of development and prosperity. The 21st century is a product of continuous evaluation of latest inventions and discoveries of science. Modernism is now reigning in this century. There is no denying the fact that the 21st century will be lively by the impact of internet, cloning, resurgence of latest information. Everything will be computerized. But the balance of riches will be a great problem on the part of developed countries and lower developed countries. The developed countries must take initiative to help the lower developed countries so that we can all collectively enjoy the sweet benefit of science and technology in this century. However, about the 21st century, Stephen Hawkings says that – There shall have the supremacy of science in the 21st century and it will divulge its Omni power.
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