Paragraph : Arsenic Problem

Arsenic Problem

In our day to day life, we are facing new kind of problem. Our environment is facing new pollution. Arsenic pollution is one of them. It is called the king of poison. It was previously used to kill king or his relatives in place to fulfil the object policy of the conspirator. With the passage of time, the tradition of using arsenic for killing people has been changed. Arsenic is found in water. It is mixed in the water of tube-well. By drinking this water people are suffering a lot. It causes sore in the fingers or any other part of the body. By drinking water polluted by arsenic people get diseased in various ways. Sometimes the sore turn into gangrene and then to cancer. So arsenic pollution is a great threat to human life. At present, there is no medical treatment that can prevent arsenic pollution. The bad effect of arsenic cannot be described in words. If it gets mixed in our body this way, we are sure to suffer in life. So we should take utmost care and guard against this poison. We should find out the remedy of this problem.

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Arsenic problem is a very familiar matter in Bangladesh. A chemical element, arsenic is highly poisonous when found in an excessive level with water. It causes arsenicosis, a disease leading to poisoning of the body and black spots. Poisoning by arsenic is a slow process. When people drink water from tubewell containing arsenic, they begin to show symptoms and become unwell. Long-term poisoning might cause also death of the sufferers. People can, however, get rid of this disease by drinking water from a source that contains no arsenic. To ensure this, the tubewells should be tested and painted green if safe and red if unsafe. Eating a healthy balanced diet, ideally containing fish and vegetables is also considered an initial treatment for this disease. People can collect rain water and also surface water from ponds and rivers which are free from arsenic.
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