Paragraph : Your School / My School

Your School / My School

The name of my school is Kalkini Pilot High School. It is one of the best schools in our district. It is situated at Kalkini in the district of Madaripur. Our School is a very beautiful “I” shaped long building. There are 35 rooms in the building. There are the Headmaster’s room, the teachers common-room, and a prayer-room. There are six hundred students in our school. The results of our school are very good. Our school has a big playground. There is a big library in our school. This library has more than twenty thousand books. There are twenty-nine teachers in our school. They are sympathetic and careful to us. All the teachers are higher educated. Our school has some other facilities like Red-cross, BNCC, Scouts etc. Our school cares some Annual Functions such as the Annual Sports, Annual Milad-Un-Nabi, 21st February, Picnic etc. I feel proud and happy that I am a student of such an ideal school.


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