Letter to friend informing about your school

Suppose, you are a student of ‘Z; High School. Your friend Hasan/Hasna wants to know about your school.

Now, write a letter to your friend informing him/her of your school.

123, Banani, Dhaka
25 April 2020

Dear Hasan,
Yesterday morning I received a letter from you. Thank you very much for your nice letter. In your letter you wanted to know about my school. Now, I am writing about it.

I am a student of Z High School. It is situated on the Dhaka-Chattogram Highway in the southern part of Dhaka City. Our school is a big one. It has about 35 classrooms, two or more sections in each class. We have about 50 teachers. They are excellent. They are devoted and sincere. Our school has a reputation for extra-curricular activities. We have various clubs including debating and computer. Students learn a lot from these clubs. We have a separate laboratory building for science students. There is a very big library for students. In front of the school there is spacious playground. Students play various games in the field. Our school has an impressive record of congenial academic environment. The results of our school are all along good. If time permits, please come to see our school. Hope, you will be impressed at its overall performance.

No more today.

With love,


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