Letter to friend thanking for hospitality

Guess, you have recently visited your friend’s house and stayed there for 5 days. You have been very much impressed by the warm hospitality of your friend and other members of his family.

Now, write a letter to your friend thanking him for their hospitality.

22 March 2020

Dear Sarwar,
I reached home safely at 9 pm. My mother was waiting for me the other day. Now, I like to write to you something which you really deserve.

Like you I have got some good friends. And I went to visit each of them several times-really sometimes being invited and sometimes on my own. But true to say, it is only you and your family, who showed me utmost affection. I never imagined to have so sincere a hospitality from you. Unlike courtesy, sincerity is a rare thing which you, your all family members showed me I’ll never forget your mother’s motherly love towards me. And your father is a perfect gentleman who behaved towards me like his own son. For all these I’d like to thank you from the core of my heart. Please, have time to visit my family once. It would be a great joy to me.

Thank you all again.
With love,

Yours ever,
Jalal Ahmed
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