Letter to pen-friend about your native village

Imagine, you are Taufiq/Taufiqa of village Domorgram, Upazila Kahaloo, Dist. Bogura. You have a penfriend named Robert who lives at 12 Derriford Road, Plymouth PL G8 HB, the UK.

Now, write a letter to him about your native village.

Kahaloo, Bogura, Bangladesh
20 July 2020

Dear Robert,
I hope you are well. I am very glad to see that you have written about your village in your letter. You have wanted to know about my village as well. Now I am writing something about it.

The name of my village is Domorgram. It is quite far from the town. It is situated in the Upazila of Kahaloo in the district of Bogura. It is a nice village. About five thousand people live in this village. Most of the people earn their livelihood by farming. So, the common occupation of our village is cultivation. But some other people like blacksmiths, potters, etc. are also available. The condition of the villagers is good; because our chairman and our educated people take good care of our village. There are two primary schools, two high schools and one college in our village. Our village is full of natural beauties and bounties. Our village is quite famous in the district of Bogura, because, the literacy rate of our village people is 100%. And thus our village is quite developed compared to other villages of Bogura district. This is all about our native village of Domorgram in short.

No more today. Thanks for your interest in knowing about my village. Please write to me as early as you can.

Yours ever,


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