Letter to pen-friend about foods and food habits of Bangladeshi people

Suppose, your name is ‘X’. You have a penfriend in Japan who wants to know about Bangladeshi foods. 

Now, write a letter to her/him describing the foods and food habits of the people in Bangladesh.

Dhaka, Bangladesh
12 February 2020

My dear Nakata,
Hope and believe this finds you hale and hearty. I had your letter in time. As per your desire, I am now writing to you about the food and food habits in Bangladesh.

The people of Bangladesh are not as rich as you. Most of them are poor farmers. They grow paddy, vegetables, pulses, fish and rear goats, cows, etc. they are fond of rice, pulses, vegetables, meat and drinking milk. They like developing their food habits of eating rice, vegetables and fish. They take main meals three times a day. Besides, they have their breakfast in the morning and a little refreshment in the evening. They are so habituated to eating their meals. You are in Japan. Don’t forget to let me know the food and food habits of your people.

No more today. More when we once met. We are well. How are your parents?

With best of luck.


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