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Dialogue about spending time after examination

Imagine, you are Madhu, and Manik is your friend. Your examination is going on and you are planning how to pass the time after the examination. You say that you will go to your village and start night schools and adult education centres. Manik says that he will learn how to operate computer. 

Now, make a dialogue between you and Manik about how you would spend the time after the examination.

Madhu : Hellow, Manik. How have you done on the exam?

Manik : Well, what’s about you?

Madhu : Good, but I have some problems with English.

Manik : Don’t worry, everything will be OK. How’ll you pass your leisure time?

Madhu : I have made up my mind to go to my village and set up night schools and adult education centres.

Manik : That’s very good. I can’t but thank you for this decision.

Madhu : Thank you too. What will you do?

Manik : You know, Madhu, that I used to spend my off time visiting friends and relatives.

Madhu : But will you pass this time in that way?

Manik : No. I think I will learn how to operate computer.

Madhu : Fantastic idea, in the modern era, to learn computer is very essential.

Manik : Yes. I will start it from the next month. Well, then we will be separate from now.

Madhu : Yes, but you must visit our village.

Manik : I must come. Write letters to me.

Madhu : Sure, See you again.

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