Dialogue after coming out of the examination hall

Imagine, you are Aslam. You have taken your English examination and are coming out of the examination hall. You have done well in the paper. Your friend Alam is also coming out of the hall. He could not do well as he expected. 

Now, make a dialogue between you and your friend Alam as you are coming out of the examination hall.

Aslam : You look excited, Alam. What may be the matter with you?

Alam : Oh! I have had a horrible experience this day, Aslam. The question frightened me from the very beginning. It was my efforts that could save me somehow.

Aslam : The questions were hard and stiff no doubt. But thank God, I could carry on rather with ease.

Alam : Why should you not? You are one of the good boys in our class. But for ordinary boys like me, the questions were definitely difficult. What sense is there in asking us to write an essay on a subject we do not know? Then the questions on grammar were simply awful. I wonder if our examination ever feels for us.

Aslam : They do, friend. They are all sensible men. The point is that we neglect our work and so we suffer. But off with it all now. Let us be of good cheers.
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