Dialogue on city life and village life

Imagine, you are Anupam. You are fed up with city life. You think that village life is more peaceful and more enjoyable. But your friend Nirupam prefers city life. You have had a discussion on this matter with Nirupam.

Now, write a dialogue covering the discussion between you and Nirupam on city life and village life.

Anupam : Enough of it. I’m fed up.

Nirupam : What do you mean, Anupam?

Anupam : I mean, I’m sick of this city life, my friend.

Nirupam : Curious indeed! People are mad for the city and this sickens you. What’s the trouble here?

Anupam : No ends of troubles. This noise, this crowd and this congestion, this dirt, this smoke and what not.

Nirupam : And you prefer a dull sluggish life among a set of illiterate persons! There’s no cinema, no theatre, no charms, no TV programms and not even any good road.

Anupam : But the sun shines there bright over the fields and the streams, the flowers smile and the people, though illiterate, are so simple and sympathetic and innocent.

Nirupam : A poet’s dream! Thank of the rainy season, the knee-deep mud, frogs, snakes and the howl of jackals at night.

Anupam : There’s peace and sacred happiness. There’s beauty of Nature everywhere in the village and there life is very easy-going and peaceful but not full of din and bustle as we find in the city life.

Nirupam : But beauty does not help life. No doctor, no hospital, no school, no college, no university. No, you can’t do without a city in this age.

Anupam : Surely a city is a necessity, but there must be the quiet village, too. Where the sick mind may slip in occasionally to breathe out a sigh of relief.

Nirupam : Thank you, my friend. Live in the village and leave me for the city.

Anupam : Thank you, too. I’ll always receive you in my green and fresh village life.


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