Dialogue about giving direction

Imagine, you are Tipu. You want to go to the VIP Travel Agency office in which your elder brother works. But you do not exactly know its location. You stop a passer-by and request him to give you direction to that office. He gives you direction.

Now, write a dialogue between you and the passer-by about giving you direction to find out your brother’s office.

Tipu : Hello, gentleman! Would you please listen to me?

Passer-by : Yes, what’s the matter?

Tipu : Well, excuse me. Would you please tell me the location of the VIP Travel Agency.

Passer-by : Are you a newcomer here?

Tipu : Yes, I’m a newcomer and I’m from Pirojpur. My elder brother works in this office and I’ve come to meet him.

Passer-by : Don’t worry. Please go straight to the east. When you find the point of the crossroads, you’ll turn to the left. Then you’ll find only a yellow coloured building. That’s VIP Travel Agency.

Tipu : Is that too far?

Passer-by : Oh! No. It is about four or five minutes’ walk.

Tipu : It’s very kind of you. Thank you very much.

Passer-by : You are welcome.
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