Letter about bad effects of terrorism

Write a letter to your friend ‘S’ about the bad effects of terrorism at your campus.

The campus of your college has become a hot-bed of terrorism. Terrorism disturbs its peaceful atmosphere and hampers academic activities. Sometimes the college remains closed for months together. The armed-cadres often resort to violence. As a result, some students have lost their lives in the hands of the miscreants. 

‘A’ Road
May 6, 2020

Dear ‘S’,
I am very glad to receive your letter. Words fail me to express my joy at your brilliant success at the BA examination. I heartily congratulate you. Friend, today I am going to tell you about the bad effects of terrorism at our campus. You know student life is the time to strive for shaping up to one’s career and future aspiration. At present they are violating the sacred law of their life. At our campus, a number of students get themselves involved in active politics by the direct instigation of so-called political parties. The bad effects of terrorism at our campus is beyond description. The peaceful atmosphere has become disturbed and hampered. Sometimes it remains closed for months together. Violence is created by the armed-cadres or terrorists only to establish and maintain supremacy on the campus. As a result, a lot of good and innocent students have lost and are still losing their lives in the hands of those political hoodlums and miscreants. I think, in the interest of the students and for the nation as a whole the political parties should come forward to uproot terrorism on the campus; otherwise, campus will be a Warfield forever. 

No more today. With all the best wishes. 

Your friend
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