Letter for thanking for birthday present

Write a letter to your uncle in Dhaka thanking him for the birthday present he has sent.

Suppose, your uncle lives in Dhaka. He could not attend your last birthday ceremony on account of his preoccupations. He has sent a ring as your birthday present. It is very precious and beautiful. It gives you pride of possession. It was the best present of the day. 

20 April 2020

My dear Uncle,
I am very glad to receive your precious gift on the occasion of my last birthday ceremony. But I missed you very much. Almost all of our relatives visited our house on that occasion. How nice it would have been if you were present in their midst. We were, however, appreciative of your pre-occupations and are looking forward to your paying us a visit at your earliest convenience. The ‘Ring’ you sent for me is a wonderful gift which has, indeed, moved me with pride of possession. Of all the gifts received on that occasion, yours was by far the best. I have nothing but my respectful thanks to offering you for this splendid present. Kindly accept my heart thanks. 

No more today. We are all well here. We hope that this will find you in good health and sound spirits. With best regards to you and Auntie. 

Yours affectionately 
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