Letter to father about the prices of necessaries of daily life

Write a letter to your father inquiring about the prices of the necessaries of daily life in your locality.

Suppose, you are Rashed, of Room No 10, Bangla College Hostel, Mirpur, Dhaka. A long time has elapsed since you left home for the hostel. You have seen in the newspapers that the prices of daily necessaries have gone up in your locality. This may put your father to financial straits as regards defraying your education expenses. So, you feel like knowing about the price-hike in your area. 

Room No-10
Bangla College Hostel, Mirpur, Dhaka
April 4, 2020

My dear Father,
It seems to age that I have left you all for my hostel. Living in the college hostel, I am not in a position to know the prices of daily necessaries in our area. 

I, therefore, feel like knowing about the prices of necessaries of daily life. I know it is very hard for you to defray the education expenses of us all in addition to the family expenditures. It will be difficult all the more if the prices go up as it is reported in the national dailies. But one thing is encouraging that the price of rice is gradually getting down. Anyway, would you please let me know the price of essential commodities in our area. But I suppose the price of fish and vegetables are relatively cheaper and easily available in our area is a rural one. 

No more today. Convey my salam to mother and love to Moni, Baby and Rony. 

I am well, With regards. 

Your affectionately,
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