Dialogue about importance of physical exercise

Write a dialogue between you and your friend about the importance of physical exercise.

Manik : Hi, Shafi. How are you?

Shafi : Not so good, friend. I’m sick.

Manik : What happened?

Shafi : I don’t know, but I often have weakness in my limbs.

Manik : Don’t you take physical exercise regularly?

Shafi : Exercise? Oh, no. I'm not interested in it. Is it necessary?

Manik : Certainly.

Shafi : How? Please explain.

Manik : You know, physical exercise is the systematic movement of the limbs of our body.

Shafi : I know it, but what is its benefit?

Manik : Well. Regular exercise makes your body strong and active. It keeps your blood circulation normal.

Shafi : OK. That’s all?

Manik : No. If you avoid physical exercise, your body will get rusty. You will feel uneasy all the time. Understood? 

Shafi : Yeah. You’re right.

Manik : Remember, a sound mind lies in a sound body. So, if you want to be mentally fit, you must take exercise regularly as it can ensure you a sound body.

Shafi : Thank you very much for making me understand the benefits of physical exercise. I must take exercise regularly from now.

Manik : That’s great.


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