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Physical Exercise

↬ The Importance of Physical Exercise

Human body is a combination of a lot of bones with flesh. Bones, flesh, blood, glands and other things are joined together to make a complete human body.

Physical exercise means the movement of these limbs. Our body is like a machine. So we should do physical exercise regularly.

There are different forms of physical exercise. Running, walking, swimming, riding are good forms of exercise. Gymnastics, wrestling and outdoor games like football, cricket, hockey are known as physical exercise. All forms of exercise are not suitable for everybody. Those who are strong in body can take all forms of exercise. But the old and the weak should not take hard kinds of exercise.

Many young men and students do not take regular physical exercise. They hold out that they are strong and healthy. So they need not take exercise. But they are wrong. They should take regular physical exercise to keep in good health. Moreover, it is necessary to develop the brain.

Life becomes a burden to them who refuse to take physical exercise. So to enjoy the better life we should take some kind of physical regularly. [Words : 188]

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Physical exercise means movement of different limbs of the body. Regular Physical exercise is necessary for keeping good health.

There are various forms of physical exercise. Walking, swimming, racing, riding and all kinds of outdoor games are different kinds of exercise. All kinds of exercise do not suit all persons. Physically weak people should take light form of exercise.

Exercise should be taken in an open space in the morning and evening. The fresh air refreshes our mind and boy. Exercise should never be taken in a closes room.

Exercise makes our limbs strong. It gives us new energy and increases the power of digestion. It helps us enjoy sound sleep at night. A person who does not care to take regular exercise suffers from various complication (জটিলতা) in the long run. Gradually the becomes weak and his health breaks down.

Exercise does us good but over-exercise is very harmful. It tells upon our health. It is worse than not taking exercise at all.

Nobody denies the necessity and usefulness of taking regular physical exercise. But unfortunately, those who practice it seriously are not many. We should be earnest and serious about it so that we shall not have to repent (অনুতপ্ত হওয়া) in the future. [Words : 208]

Same composition collected from another book

Physical exercise means the proper movement (সঞ্চালন) of our limbs (অঙ্গ-প্রত্যঙ্গ). It is the most important pre-condition for good health. It helps us to keep our body fit and health sound. 

There is a close relation (সম্পর্ক) between body and mind. “Sound mind in a sound body” is a wise saying. A sound body is not possible (সম্ভব) without taking regular exercise. We should have sound health for attaining every success (কৃতকার্য) in life. It makes our body active. It is also necessary for the circulation (সঞ্চালন) of blood and digestion (পরিপাক) of food. 

There are various kinds of physical exercises. Playing games like football, hockey, cricket, badminton, tennis are very ideal physical exercises. Walking, riding, swimming, gymnastics (জিমন্যাসটিক্স - শরীরচর্চা) are also good forms of physical exercise. All physical exercises are not suitable for all people. Swimming suits the young most. Running is good for middle aged men. However, walking is beneficial to both old and young. 

Morning is the best time for physical exercise. We may take exercise in the evening also. Regularity is the pre-requisite (পূর্বশর্ত) of physical exercise. Exercise should not be taken just before or after meals. Besides, different exercises should be taken in different (বিভিন্ন) ages. 

Physical exercise is useful for both body and mind. It makes our limbs and muscles strong (মজবুত). It also makes our body fit to protect (রক্ষা করা) us from diseases. It keeps us sound and healthy. 

Physical exercise is the source (উৎস) of sound health, and sound health is the key to success (সাফল্য) in life. Thus we should take regular (নিয়মিত) exercise. But over-exercise should always be avoided.


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