Composition : Seasons of Bangladesh

Seasons of Bangladesh

↬ The Six Seasons of Bangladesh

There are six seasons in Bangladesh. Each season has its own features. The people also feel different in each season. They forget the monotony by changing these seasons. The seasons are Summer, Rainy, Autumn, Late Autumn, Winter, and Spring.

Summer is very hot then. The sun goes over the head at noon. Ponds and tanks dry up. Many villagers suffer for want of drinking water. We get litchis, mangoes, jack-fruits and many other fruits in this season.

In the rainy season, the sky is cloudy and it rains day and night. Tanks, rivers, and canals are full of water. Fields go under water. Men cannot go out of their houses easily. Sometimes the rivers overflow their banks. Many villages go under water. Villagers go from one place to another by boat.

After the rainy season there comes the Autumn. Rain is not so copious. The sky is clear. White clouds float in the sky. The Hindus perform their Durga Puja in this season.

The autumn rolls into the late autumn. It is the season of dew and farmers look happy. They are busy with harvesting. They perform the Nabanna.

Winter looks gloomy. Trees become bare of leaves. Days are very short and the nights are very short and the nights are very long. People shiver in cold. It is the season of fog.

Last, of all comes the spring. It is the loveliest of all seasons. The cold of winter is over. Days are warm. Lifeless trees put on new leaves, flowers bloom. A gentle breeze blows. Bees hum and the cuckoo sings in joy. There is joy everywhere.

Thus the Seasons come and go and make Bangladesh a land of beauty and plenty. Seasons bring changes in our mind and make us fresh.

Same composition collected from another book

Every year six seasons visit Bangladesh by turns. Different seasons have different features (বৈশিষ্ট্য) and beauties.

Each season consists of two months. They are summer, rainy season, autumn, dry season, winter and spring. In summer tanks, pools and rivers dry up. There is scarcity of drinking water. The heat of the sun is unbearable. Towards the end of summer, various fruits like mangoes, jackfruits, lichis, and pine-apples ripen.

After summer comes the rainy season. It brings in both blessing and curse (অভিশাপ) for us. Farmers cannot grow any crop without sufficient rainfall. Again, too much of rain destroys crops and causes floods. Various diseases break out during this season.

In autumn the sky becomes cloudless. The fields become full of crops. The dry season or late autumn ripens paddy. The hearts of farmers are filled with joy at the sight of bumper crops.

Next comes winter. Nature looks dull and gloomy. Vegetables are very cheap this season. The poor from severe cold during this season. In this season people visit their relative’s houses. Various types of house-made cakes are available in every house. Winter season is very famous for cakes.

Spring then comes with its message of joys and merriments. Nature, so long dead, comes back to life. Trees put forth new leaves and flowers bloom in gardens. Birds sing sweet songs. Southern breeze refreshes all. So, it is called the king of seasons.

Bangladesh experiences all the seasons one after another. We do not feel any sudden change in nature. The very change is enjoyable.

Same composition collected from another book

Bangladesh is a land of seasonal phenomena. It changes her dress six times in a year. The changes (পরিবর্তনসমূহ) by turns are known as seasons. They are the Summer, the Rainy season, the Autumn, the Late Autumn, the Winter and the Spring. Each season has two months. They occur due to “Annual Motion” of the earth. 

It is the first season. It consists of the Bengali months – Boishakh and Jaishthya. The ponds, canals and rivers dry up in the Summer. It is a very hot season. It is the season of fruits. 

The Rainy Season appears just after the exit (প্রস্থান) of Summer. It lasts during the two months of Ashar and Shravan. It comes with clouds and crops. Sometimes, heavy rainfall causes floods, which damages (ক্ষতিসাধন করে) crops and houses. Rivers and canals are full to the brim (ব্রিম – কানায় কানায়). Roads go underwater and curtail communication. 

Vadra and Ashyn make the Autumn season. The Autumn come with its blue sky. The fields are found full of green crops. Flowers bloom. The nature looks very charming. 

The Late Autumn usually lasts during the two months of Kartik and Agrahayan. It is the season of paddy. The farmers are busy and happy with it. Cold weather begins slowly with dew-drops. 

The Winter is a cold season. It consists of the two months – Paush and Magh. Nature is found lifeless. Leaves of trees fall off. The poor suffer much. It presents us with available vegetables. 

The Spring is the king of seasons. Green leaves are found in trees. Flowers bloom, birds sing and nature looks like a dreamland (ড্রিমল্যান্ড - স্বপ্নপুরী). The southern breeze blows along with the cockoo’s song. The Spring is enjoyable (ইনজয়াবল - উপভোগ্য). 

The visits of the seasons by turns make our land wonderful (অভিনব). The cyclic others of the season changing reflect (রিফ্লেক্টস্ – প্রতিফলন ঘটে) on us in many ways.

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