Essay : The Rainy Season

The Rainy Season

Introduction : Bangladesh is a playground of nature where six seasons move in a cyclic fashion with their picturesque beauty. In each season nature appear to us in a new attire. This season comes to quench the thirst of burning earth. The rainy season grows the poetic sense into us and keeps us into a touch of nature. The drops of rain come to us as melody and make us float in the world of sensation and we get this season as a source of perennial joy. Quoting from H. W. Longfellow-
“How beautiful is the rain.
After the dust and heat
In the broad and fiery street
And in the narrow lane
How beautiful is the rain”

Its arrival and duration : In Bangladesh, the rainy season generally begins in the middle of June and last up to the middle of August. Two Bengali months “Ashar” and “Shraban” form this season. But nowadays this season begins with the monsoon and ends with its disappearance.

Features of the rainy season : The whole of Bangladesh assumes (ধরে নেয়া) a picturesque beauty. Rivers streams haors, beels etc. become full to the bream. Sometimes it rains all day and night together. All on a sudden, the sky becomes cloudy and it rains a little or cats and dogs. Water stands on the road and the kacha roads become slippery.

The scenic beauty : This season adds beauty to nature most of the fields go under water and the paddy and the full-grown jute plants toss their heads over the sea of water. The sky remains overcast with heavy clouds and sometimes it rains incessantly for days together. Through the windows, one can enjoy countless kadam flowers bathing in the rain. The sweet smell comes to form the clusters of Keya adjacent to the house. Besides there are the Hasnahena, Kamini the Junichi etc. to drive away the monotony of home keeping. At the advent of the rainy season, the poet grows romantic and ventilates his feeling
“You have gifted me in the rainy day, the kadam
I have come to wish you the melody of Shravan.”

Advantage : As the rainy season makes progress, the dried ponds, fields, canals etc. get filled up with water. As a result, the rivers get their youth. The rainy season is a blessing of Allah to the peasants of Bangladesh. The rainwater gives lives to the plants. Plants of growing crops grow on in full swing. The dusty atmosphere becomes fresh and people get rid of the extreme heat of the summer. Some delicious juicy fruits like mango jack-fruit, lichies etc. are available. The fragrance of various nice flowers like kadam, keya charm people highly in this season.

Disadvantages : Excessive rainfall may cause flood which does great harms to the people by damaging their houses, properties, and crops due to heavy rainfall. The environment becomes unhygienic. Various diseases like Diarrhea break out in an epidemic form in this season.

Conclusion : In spite of the various disadvantages rainy season is Allah’s gift to our country. It is of great value not only in agriculture but also in the environmental ecosystem. It plays a vital role to resist our country from, transforming into a desert.

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