Essay : Student Life

Student Life

Introduction : The period of life which is spent in acquiring institutional knowledge is called student life. It is the seed time of life. The proverb goes that as you sow so you reap. This is really true for the student life. It is the time of preparation for life.

Time of preparation : The foremost duty of a student is a learn his lessons. Student should study hard to acquire as much knowledge as possible. A student should educate himself properly so that he may be well fitted for the struggle for future life. He should exercise his mind so that his hidden treasure may come out. Man is born with divine spirit and he can reflect this in his activities. But it is possible only when he exercises not only his mind but also build up his character. A student should always bear in his mind that the crown and glory of life is character. A student should be conscious of his health. He should take regular exercise so that he may bear a sound mind in a sound body. Student should remember that an idle brain is a Devil’s workshop. So he should work hard to get success in life. They should also know the value of time and discipline.

Duties and Responsibilities of Student : Students are the future citizens of the country. They should serve for the social welfare. They have to bear the spirit of patriotism. A student must obey his superiors and do better for others. They must not do even a thing which will hurt another’s heart. They should avoid all the evil deeds and follow all the innocent ways.

Conclusion : Student life is full of youth and vigor. The mind is just like fluid and it can be given any shape as per suit. So this is the time to decide any noble aim and do all for the goal.


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