Essay : My Favourite Poet

My Favourite Poet

Introduction : All minds are sensitive to external things but the poet’s mind is more sensitive than that of an ordinary man. He shares our internal feelings and brings the emotion into light by his creation. Poets seek for beauty and “A thing of beauty is joy forever.” This concept draws my attention to the lure of poetry. My liking goes for our poet emperor Rabindranath Tagore.

Why I like : All the aspirations (সব দিক) of mankind are found in the hymns (প্রশংসা) of Rabindranath Tagore. He has spoken out of life itself and that is why we give him our love. The poetry of Rabindranath Tagore has stirred my blood. As nothing has for years. We have other poets but none of them are his equal. Rabindranath alone is the creator of an age in the literature which is called the epoch of Rabindranath. He is dearer to me as a living source of inspiration in the way of my life.

Life of Rabindranath : Rabindranath was born on the 8th May 1861in the famous Tagore family of Jorasanko in Kolkata. He was the 14th son of his parents. His father was Maharshi Devendranath Tagore. He belonged to a family where the culture of literature and art were practiced. Thus his academic life ended. After a few years he was sent to England for higher education but suddenly he drew a breakthrough of his education and returned to his nation land.

Literary activities of Rabindranath : Rabindranath was a versatile genius and he wrote a large number of poems, novels short stories, dreams and other forms of writings, he kept his steps everywhere in literature. His novels have brought about a change in Bengali Literature. His lyrics sounded a new note and raised the Bengali Poetry. He showed a distinct side of the originality of his genius in short story, 1913. He was awarded the novel prize for the English translation of Gitanjali.

A man of great humanity : All the creations of Rabindranath speaks for the sake of mankind. Our national anthem is written by him. He was a great patriot also. He had set up Bishaw Bharati. He has a cosmopolitan spirit also. He refused his ‘sir’ title given by the English, in protest against the barbarity in the genocide in Jalianwalabagh 1919.

Conclusion : Rabindranath has enlightened the Bengali literature in the world of literature. He is the glorious son of the subcontinent. He left this earth on the 7th August 1941. He is ever fresh into us and will be remembered in incoming future, as long Bengali literature lasts. He is the poet not only for us but also for the whole world.


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