Composition : Winter in Bangladesh

Winter in Bangladesh

Winter in Bangladesh has wonderful features. It is one of the six seasons in Bangladesh. It comes after the late Autumn in Hemanta. It comprises the two Bengali months ‘Paush’ and ‘Magh’. It is the season of joys and sorrows. 

In winter in Bangladesh, there is a change in weather and mature. Bangladesh is a tropical country. So, winter in Bangladesh is far less severe than that in most western countries. The coldest period of the year in Bangladesh in the middle of January. The span of days are short and nights are long in this season. Cold and chill visit everywhere. It is the season of mist. Sometimes heavy fog covers the morning. When the morning sun peeps, They look like glittering beads of pearls on grass and plants. The sky remains cloudless and blue. Sometimes, nature looks gloomy. In this season, some of the trees become leafless and bare. 

There are a lot of advantages in winter. It is the season of plenty. The prices of seasonal vegetables and fruits fall much in this season. A great variety of fishes and vegetables are available, and they sell cheap. It is the season of gur and patali. People make various types of tasty food and cake. People do not suffer much from diseases. 

We can find some disadvantages in winter. In this season, nature looks dull and gloomy. Though it is good for the rich but problematic for the poor. It is a painful season for the poor. They cannot manage warm clothes and good shelter. In winter, many people suffer from cough, cold and other diseases of lung. 

The winter is a dull season. But its dullness is a herald of the youth and vitality of spring. 

As P.B. Shelley says- 
“If winter comes, can spring be far behind?” 

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