Composition : Tea / Cow

[A] Tea

Tea is the dried leaves of a plant. It grows from its seed. It was first grown in China. Now it grows in many countries. It is one of the cash crops of Bangladesh.

Tea grows best in hot and moist climate. It needs heavy rainfall but it cannot grow in water. So the slopes of hills and mountains are the best places for its cultivation.

Tea plants are planted in rows. They are not allowed to grow more than five feet. When tea plants are four-year-old leaves are taken from them There are four pickings in a year. They are gathered by coolies especially the female coolies. They are dried in the air and heated on the fire.

Its preparation is easy. Some quantity of tea leaves is kept in boiling water for three to four minutes. Milk and sugar are mixed with it. Then it becomes a drink.

Tea is very useful to the people of cold countries. It refreshes our body and mind. It is used for making dyes.

Tea is a good drink. Too much of it is bad. It kills appetite. It has become a popular drink in our country.

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Now-a-days tea is a very common drink. It is the leaf of a green plant. It was introduced in many countries including Bangladesh from China.

The tea plant grows on hill side where there is much rainfall as well as sunshine. Water also cannot stand there. In Bangladesh tea grows in Chittagong and Sylhet and in India, in Assam. Darjeeling and some other places. However tea produced in Bangladesh is of best quality.

When the tea plant grows to a certain height, it is pruned. It is allowed to the height of about six feet. The tea-plant bears many leaves. The leaves are gathered from plants. They are then dried over fire and rolled. These dried leaves are called tea.

We boil water and put these leaves in it. The leaves are then separated from water with the help of a sieve. This water is mixed with milk and sugar. We thus get a good drink.

Tea is a refreshing drink in cold countries. People have it after toil because it gives relief after labour. It produces bad results if taken in excess.

Tea is a very common drink used by millions of our people. A considerable number of people earn their livelihood by either being engaged in its production or selling tea. Some sell ready tea is commercial or educational sector by using a small capital while their income is big.

Tea has a very great importance in the economy of Bangladesh. A considerable portion of its foreign exchange earning is due to export of tea. Its gardens not only offer employment to people but also export large quantities of tea to the markets in Europe. Tea thus plays an important role in the economic wellbeing of our country.

[B] Cow

Introduction : There are many kinds of animal. The cow is one of the most common and necessary animals in the world. It is a four-footed domestic (গৃহপালিত) animal. It plays an important role in our daily life.

Description : It has four legs with four hoofs. Its hoofs are divided in the middle. Its body is covered all over with short hair. It has long head with two cars, two eyes and two horns. It has only one set of teeth in the lower jaw. It has a long tail with a tuft (গোছা) of hair at the end.

Kinds : There are different kinds of cows- Shindhi, Shahiwal, Hariana, Frisian etc. They are also of different colours- some are red, some black, some white and some other cows are of mixed colour. In our country, we cannot think of a village house where there is no cow.

Where found : The cows are found everywhere in the world. Wild cows are found in the forests.

Nature : The cow is a gentle animal. It does not harm (ক্ষতি করে না) anybody. The mother-cow gives birth to only one calf at a time. She loves her calf very dearly.

Food : The cow lives on grass, straw and herbs. It is also fond of rice and oil-cake (খৈল).

Usefulness : The cow is a useful animal. She gives us milk. It is an ideal food for babies. It is also a good diet (পথ্য) for the sick. Butter, ghee, cheese, cream, curd and many other things of food are made from milk. Cow-dung is using booth as fuel and as manure. The ox and the bollock draw carts and ploughs. The cow is useful to us even after its death (মৃত্যু). Shoes bags and suitcases are made of its hide. Comb and buttons are made of its horns and bones.
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