Composition : Fruits of Bangladesh

Fruits of Bangladesh

↬ The Common Fruits of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a land of fruits. It produces fruits in all seasons. But the summer fruits are richer in variety as well as in flavour. Of them, the mango, the jackfruit, the banana, the pineapple, the coconut are worthy of special mention.

The mango is called the king of fruits. The ripe mango is very tasteful and enjoyable. There are different varieties of mangoes such as Fazli, Langra, Kishanbhog, Gopalbhog, Mohanbhog, Rajbhog etc.

The jackfruit is a big egg-shaped fruit. Its surface is thorny but the juicy contents inside it taste very sweet.

Banana and coconut are found all the year-round. Bananas look like fingers. They are very tasty and nutritious. There are many kinds of banana such as Sabri, Amritasagar, Martaman, Champa etc. The ripe coconut has a hard shell. Inside the shell, there is the kernel and sweet water. Both the kernel and the water are tasteful and nutritious. The pineapple is a summer fruit. It has eyes all over its body. It is very delicious. The orange is found in winter. It is also nutritious and a good diet for patients.

Fruits of Bangladesh have great importance to us. It provides us with sufficient vitamins and mineral salts for our health. Our fruits have a great demand in the world market. But we cannot preserve these fruits because of the lack of sufficient cold-storage facilities. If we can preserve the fruits to use all the year round and to export. We can earn a lot of money.

Then there are lichis, guavas, date palms, blackberries, cucumbers etc, which are very favourable to children. Another favourite fruit of children is the plum. There are also many other fruits in Bangladesh.

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Fruits are the gift of nature. The fertile land of Bangladesh is suitable for the production of fruits. Varieties of fruits grow in Bangladesh. There are some common fruits among them. 

Fruits such as mango, jackfruit, banana, pineapple, plum, guava, lichi, orange, water-melon, etc. are the common fruits that grow in Bangladesh. They vary in size, colour and taste. 

The mango is called the king of fruits. Very few fruits in the world can be compared with the mango for its sweetness, flavour and taste. There are different kinds of mangoes. The Langra, the Fazli, the Gopalbhog, the fruit is round to be composed of many flakes. It is sweet to taste. 

The pineapple is also a delicious fruit. The best variety of pineapple is found in Sylhet and Comilla. The orange is palatable and good for health. The best orange grows abundantly in Sylhet. 

Basically, coconut is a good drink. The karnel of a ripe coconut is very delicious and nutritious food. 

The banana is a notable fruit of Bangladesh. It is sweet and palatable. It is found in all seasons. 

Zambura or batabi lebu, guava, black berries, palm, bel, kamranga, jamrul, jalpai, etc. are also very popular fruits of Bangladesh. 

Moreover, the lichi, the betty, the plum, the guava and the water-melon are found here abundantly. 

Bangladesh is famous for its fruits. They are also palatable and health-giving. So, we should take care of growing more fruits.

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