Paragraph : Flowers of Bangladesh

Flowers of Bangladesh

There are different types of flowers available in Bangladesh. The shapla (water lily) is the national flower of the country. Some of the other important varieties of flowers that are available in Bangladesh are the marigold, the lotus, jasmine, the rajani gandha (a tuber rosel), the china rose (jaba), the flame of the forest, gardenia, beli, jui, malati, karabi, champa, shefali, china box, chrysanthemum and the bokul (Mimusops elengi). There are also many unknown and wild varieties of flowers. People adorn their houses and dwelling places with flowers on different occasions and festivals such as Eid, Puja, Birthdays, wedding ceremonies, bengali new year's day, marriage anniversary etc. We also present our beloved ones with flowers at special moments to show love, compassion, sympathy and honour. Flowers especially in wreaths are put in graves and mausoleums to the idols as a mark of devotion. Honey is collected from flowers. Many flowers are also used to extract fragrance. Some flowers have medicinal properties and are used to heal different ailments. Women use flowers as ornaments, especially in their hair and coiffeurs. Flowers make our country beautiful and fill our hearts with joy. We should plant more flower trees in the empty space of our houses and office buildings and take care of them.

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