Paragraph : The Rivers of Bangladesh

The Rivers of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a land of rivers. Many rivers, big and small, have crisscrossed this country. The main rivers of the country include the Padma, the Meghna, the Jamuna, The Brahmaputra, the Buriganga, the Karnaphuli, the Sitalakshaya, the Dhaleshwari, the Tista, the Karatoya, the Surma, the Sangu and the Kusiara. Most of the rivers have originated in the Himalayas and have fallen into the Bay of Bengal. The rivers of this country are of great use to us. They allow us easy and cheap communication. The agriculture system of the country depends on enough supply of water. The rivers supply us with water. The rivers of the country also provide us with a rich variety of fish. We get fish from the rivers around the year. The occupation of a huge number of people in this country is fishing. They earn their living by catching fish in the rivers and selling it on the markets. Every year Bangladesh exports a huge amount of fish to foreign countries and earns a lot of foreign currency. Besides, many of our cities, markets and trade centres are situated on the rivers. The rivers play a vital role in the Business and economy of the country. River water is also used for generating electricity. A huge amount of electricity is generated in Kaptai Hydro-Electric Project by constructing dam on the Karnaphuli river. The rivers play an important role in our national life it is our duty to save the rivers from pollution and maintain the flow of rivers by dredging when necessary.
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