Paragraph : The Seasons in Bangladesh

The Seasons in Bangladesh

There are six seasons in Bangladesh. They are the summer, the rainy season, the autumn, the late autumn, the winter and the spring. Every season has its special characteristics. Nature assumes a different look in different seasons. The summer is a very dry and hot season. But it is also the season of delicious fruits. Mangoes, jack fruits, black barries, water-melons etc. are available during this season. After the scorching heat of the summer, everything waits for the shower of rainy season. It cools the nature with its cold drops of rain. Trees and forests get rejuvenate with the showers of rain. The autumn comes right after the rainy season. The balmy weather and clear sky of the autumn are liked by all. It is enjoyable to watch the stars in the clear sky of the autumn night. The late autumn comes after the autumn. This is the season of dews. In the morning the dewdrops gather on the leaves of the trees and grasses. This is also the season of harvesting. The farmers celebrate their new crops with festivities. After the late autumn comes the winter. It is the coldest season of the year. The sun rises late in the morning. The whole universe seems to be covered with dense fog. Everybody wears heavy clothes to ward off the cold. Most of the trees shed their leaves. The spring is the last season of the year. It is the season of joy. The trees become decorated with new leaves and flowers. Every season puts new colour into the lives of the people. The seasons remove monotony from our life and supply us with new zeal and hope for the future.


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